Nightrow Monster Academy

For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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Here's my app, copied from HD.


Name:Kamal Ali
Age: 18
Scholarship:High School
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian


Eye color: Red
Hair color/style:Black spiky or limp hair
Top half: A white shirt that has cuts on the shoulders.
Lower half: Blood red Khakis
Accessories: A Snow wolf tattoo on his left shoulder and a Red Fox tattoo on his right shoulder.
The school uniform would be a White T-Shirt in summer and a Shirt in Winter with a Green vest on top of it and Dark red Pants.

Pet:A Arctic Wolf


Family: Unknown
Character pros: Smart, Witty, Good detection skills, Sarcastic, long temper, a VERY good Detective.
Character flaws: Cold, Won't tolerate people bossing him around, Anti-Social, loves dark humor, can be rash sometimes, has a Habit to swear.

History:Kamal was born to a mother who died just after birth and a father that abandoned his mother while she was pregnant, as Kamal grew up he was shunned because all the kids thought that he was a freak because he preferred to read more then playing. Because of this Kamal quickly grew distant from everyone at the Orphanage, no one ever tried to adopt him because of how they were afraid of his eyes. When he was six years old and was stuck outside the Orphanage in the middle of winter he found a wold cub that had no where to go so he took him in and raised him.

Likes: Pizza, Noodles, Soup, BasketBall, reading, science, hunting.
Dislikes: Burgers, racists, math, snakes, water, chicken.
Extra Information: Kamal didn't know who his parents were because he was born and raised in a Orphanage. He was always a outcast because of his eyes and he has a pet wolf that he had("Monsters will eat us alive!") since it was born.Kamal doesn't know the value of friendship and is mostly envious of people who have friends, Kamal was getting REALLY bored when he saw a flier about the academy and decided to apply.

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Kamal Ali
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