Nightrow Monster Academy

For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 Annie Montogomery.

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Posted for Milly since she's on her Wii.

Monsters will eat us all!
Name: Annie Montgomery
Age: 17
Scholarship: High School
Gender: Girl, no matter how old she gets.
Nationality: Canadian. Patriotic Canadian.
Eye Colour: Sea-foam Green
Hair Color: An Auburn-orange colour.
Hairstyle: Either in a messy bun or down.
Top Half: Annie loves long tank tops with a sweatervest over or long shirts in general. She wears them all the time.
Lower half: Skirts. Any type. Long skirts, short skirts, mini [with leggings] skirts. Not Annie without a skirt. (or dress)
Accessories: A locket that she won't let anyone open.
Matthew Montgomery: A proud father. He would give an arm and a leg if it made his only baby girl happy.
Patricia Montgomery: A strict mother. Annie has to follow every order she asks. She isn't evil, however. She truly loves annie just as much as her father, but you don't want to spoil a child. She is very old-fashioned.

Pros: She is a hard-worker, motherly in a way, cares for others, loves reading and is highly intelligent in school stuff.
Cons: Ignorant, gullible, sheltered, will help anyone in "trouble", has odd phobias such as starfish, harpoons, small animals, and penguins.

History Growing up in a small town in New Brunswick with a sheltering mother who homeschooled her, she doesn't know much about the outside world except for what she reads. She was an odd child. While other children played with dolls and cars, she would make herself some tea and cuddle up with To Kill A Mockingbird.She read the classics so much and ignored everything else; when she started reading modern novels, she didn't understand any of it. ("Mother! What is a Starbucks?" ) She is technilogically and ideally stuck in the 1950's. Her fashion is a bit more modern, but not much. The books she read gave her an odd vocabulary and she speaks like someone would in a Jane Austen novel, but she is trying to learn modern speaking patterns. Overall, she has had a good life. Nothing tragic unless you count the time she dropped a book in the bath.

Likes: Books, frilly things, tea, big band music, learning, and noodles.
Dislikes: phobias stated previously, train bathrooms, wool scarves, think of the oddest thing to be scared of. It's on her "scared of" list. But nothing normal people are scared of.

Extra: She can hold grudges, is competitive, despises poor grammar, and is a clutz. In her locket is a bunch of glitter she put in there at 4 years old, she is too embarassed to tell anyone and if she opens it, it will spill all over. She wears it because she is afraid that if left alone, someone would open it.

Hunter: No...
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Annie Montogomery.
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