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For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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PostSubject: --Cho Jae Hyun--   --Cho Jae Hyun-- I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2012 11:47 pm

Cho Jae Hyun will come into full use after James Fujiwari dies.

Name: Cho Jae Hyun
Age: Eighteen
Scholarship: College (freshman)
Gender: Male
Nationality: Half Korean and half Japanese

Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color/style: Short, swept bangs
Top half: Red plaid T-shirt
Lower half: Jeans
Accessories: Scarves or hats on some days.
Cho Yukiko – {Maiden name ‘Sato’} Hyun’s Japanese mother. A quiet, respectful woman and was a role model for her son and daughter. She’s a hard worker for her family and does whatever she can to support them. She is a Japanese teacher in South Korea. Born in Kagawa, Japan.
Cho Dae Hyeon – A strict but inspirational father to Hyun. A man with a way with words and sayings that make the family come together. An engineer. Originally born in Buncheon, South Korea.
Cho Jung Ae – Younger sister to Hyun. A girl with a beautiful voice and has dreams of becoming a K pop singer. Has a close relationship with Hyun. She sings with Hyun a lot.

Character pros: Energetic, Fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English, academically smart, funny, good fashion sense, sings well, and dances well.

Character flaws: Quiet, studies too much, gets culture shocked easily, perfectionist, stresses out over little things, always doubts himself, and a follower.

History: Cho Jae Hyun was born in Buncheon, South Korea. He grew up with not a lot of pressure from his family but did well in school. He would run around the streets and create shenanigans like any child would. Yun wasn’t really like some of the students in his class. Like most kids, they wanted to be doctors, firefighters, or a teacher. Yun wanted to sing.

He always sang in his free time or just whenever he felt like it. It also made him feel happy. Even he was just humming. His dream was decided to be a singer. His parents thought it was only a phase.

When his parents were expecting another child, Yun was a bit discouraged. He didn’t want a sibling, especially when he was only four; he wanted to be an only child. On March 24, Cho Jung Ae was born with no complications. Yun paid no attention to her.

The two both got older as years passed by. Yun was twelve and school was getting much harder than he expected. He would always come back from school late, before midnight, and then continue studying late in the morning. He sometimes pulled all nighters. His sister, Ae, was eight and she was thriving. Her voice well developed at such a young age. She was an idol in her grade. She did well in school and always made her parents proud.

Yun got a bit jealous; his parents would only pressure him. They threw things that didn’t even matter to Yun and wanted him to learn languages and other cultures. Yun didn’t want to do that. Instead, he slacked off in learning and created a new him. With his new personality he became more social with others and most of the time came back home earlier.

One day just changed everything. Yun had to wait for Ae after school. He would have to do his studies at home. Right after school he went over to the suggested meeting place, the entrance of the school. He stood awkwardly for a long time until he decided to find her. He could have just left her and just gone back home by himself and deal with his parents. But something told him to go, just go find her.

She was left on the ground, in bruises and cuts, in the back of the school where no one would find her. She was crying. Yun raced to her and helped her. Later she was admitted to the hospital with and came out in a wheelchair, her right leg fractured and a bandage across her head. He later found out that some students pressured her into failing her tests saying “If you pass this test, we will find you.” She didn’t believe that but later fell for the trap. The culprits were his best friends and he never forgave them.

The two got to know each other so much and were really close siblings. She still kept her love for singing while Yun did not. His parents didn’t want him to be a singer but something more professional. He still didn’t what to do. But Ae, while their parents still disapproved, she went on ahead and auditioned at the young age of thirteen.

She didn’t win.

But she continues to fight and Yun did supported her. Yun’s case, however, did what his parents told him to do and would study abroad for the next four years. He eventually caught up in his language studies and was now fluent in three languages but was studying more. He sent out many applications to great colleges in Japan, England, U.S., Canada, and Australia. The first one to come back was Canada and was able to study there for four years.

When he leaves, he knows Ae would stay strong and continue to fight. He would have to discover his path in life.

Likes: Singing, Math, Science, History, reading, dancing, sweets, and music.

Dislikes:Arrogant people, the color yellow, tea, grammar, loud people, tests, and the dark.

Extra Information: None.

Hunter: No

-Study Hall

--Cho Jae Hyun-- Coj6v
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--Cho Jae Hyun--
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