Nightrow Monster Academy

For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 Nightrow intro

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PostSubject: Nightrow intro   Nightrow intro I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 2:16 am


Molly: "Hi, welcome to Nightrow academy. My name's Molly and I'm your female guide to this school. Your other guide is named Peter and he will be here with you shortly. I hope you enjoy yourself. Now that you have been accepted and registered into the schools computers, now your classes start.

Well anyways, nigh row academy should suit your likings, it has many activities for you to enjoy. Now here is your starter pack."

You received a back from Molly. It holds a school uniform, a badge of the school logo, a map of the school, some school supplies; mechanical pencils, erasers, paper, led, and others, a friendster, and a watch.

Molly: "Now, you may wonder what the friendster is for. Peter will explain it.

Now this is a big school, and you’re not the only one. There are many chasses, elementary school, middle school, and high school. We do have a college but it’s in the other building. Now I'll pass you on to Peter."

Peter: "Hey, I’m Peter, you're male guide to the school. I hope you're enjoying your tour, and I’m assuming you've gotten your starter pack. Let me explain this friendster.

Each friendster comes equipped with apps such as a map app, if you can’t take your map around, a chatting app which is locked during class, a time setting, a schedule, and a friendslist with contacts; Molly and I are already installed.

You might wonder why we got you this watch too, if you have a time app on your friendster. This watch you have here isn't a watch. It’s a weapon."

Peter points the watch to a wall and shoots a laser from it.

Peter: "If you read the pamphlet, you should know that this school is infested with monsters. It does give our students tasteful hunting activities. Maybe you can fun with that. These watches only last for a small amount of time, so you should order a weapon before it does die. Now if you'll follow me..."

Peter is cut off my many alarms and screams.

Peter: "Um, please wait here."

Though defying what he said, you are forced into a large room with many other children and young adults, cowering. Several minutes go by, maybe even a couple of hours, before you hear anything.

Then Peter and an unsure Molly enter the room. They appear to have been running around the academy.

Peter: "We have some bad news, everyone. Due to our monster creation for the hunting activity in the school, they have become out of control and have taken over the school's security systems. There’s no way out of this school, though it seems people can come in."

Everyone around gasps. Peter takes out a machine.

Peter: "This machine is a transporter, and they're stationed all around the school. Seeing as this is your first day, Molly and I are going to run through everything you should know while we’re in lockdown.

These transporters, as I said are everywhere, even in dorms. They won't transport you, so don’t rely on them if you’re late for class. They'll transport foods and weapons, things for survival. They’re fairly easy to use."

Molly: "Simple uses.


That's all you need to know about the transporter. Now did you finish your explanation on recharging the watch?”

Peter: "No."

Molly: "Alright. Well you should know that these watches are lasers but you should also know that they run out quite easily and quickly. If you don't wish to be a hunter, and only want to be safe, then these watches are good to turn to. You should have a weapon none the less, but these will do. You can recharge them at the council room on the third floor. You are limited to one recharge a month, and each watch has ten shots."

Peter: "Now there's actually not that much else, and you should know. I can't think of anything else. Molly and I are around the school at all times, so if you need help, then we'll guide you. Please take care with the monsters around the school."

What will happen next? You're in a new school, stuck with monsters. There's no way out of the school, and you may be the only one that can keep the student council safe.

-No godmodding
-NPC usage is minimum and includes teachers, extra students, and Molly and Peter
-PG13 roleplay
-Elementary school children must be five to eleven years old, middle school children must be eleven to fourteen years old, high school children must be fourteen to eighteen years old, college must be eighteen and up
-You cannot skip grades to be younger then the age restriction
-Your character must be eleven or older
-Your character must wear their uniform during class hours
-At least four line replies
-Fighting is allowed, may be highly recommended, pm the person if it’s a fist combat and me first
-Romance is allowed, may be highly recommended, pm the person first
-Characters can get injured, or die, please keep to a minimum though
-Six character limit, plus two if teachers
-Ask me if there’s any questions

Friendster, watch, and transporter

Picture currently unavailible


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PostSubject: Re: Nightrow intro   Nightrow intro I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 2:20 am

Uniforms must be worn during your character’s school hours but can be “taken off” during other times.

Uniforms include a white shirt, long sleeved or not, with the creators choice of a tie or bow. They must wear a sweater vest which would be coloured depending on their scholarship. Girls have the option of wearing a skirt or pants/shorts, while boys must wear pants/short.

Elementary school students wear vests that are blue, middle school students wear vests that are beige, and high school students wear vests that are green.

Skirts include the colors of pink, dark red, dark blue, and black. Pants include the colors of dark red, dark blue, and black.

Roomate letter
When another member is accepted, they will need a roommate. If you are a student with a room to yourself, you may get this letter through pm. You have the choice to choose either yes or no.

There is a small letter on your desk. You open it for it has the crest of Nightrow on the envelope.
Inside, there is a formally written letter.

Insert receiving student name
Hello and we ask if you will excuse this letter.

We have received word that there is a new student with liability to join our proud student council. He/She is a highschool student as well, which means he/she will need a dorm room.

Because you are a male/female highschool student with no roommate, we would like to take adantage of such and place him/her in your room. If you are not satisfied with such, please check the "no" box and we will set up a new room for you, no troubles heeded. If you would like a new roommate, check the "yes" box below. Remember you are not able to have your friends over anymore for it is two to a dorm room.

Thank you for your patience.

Student council president, Derek Carther.

[Yes] [No]

If one of your characters already has a room mate(Since the roleplay started, which means if you're concidering a third character), your character will automatically have a room to him/herself.

Peter Carson: Age seventeen, male
Your guide to Nightrow, as well as combat instructor and part of the student council.

Picture of Peter:

Molly Daring: Age sixteen, female
Your guide to Nightrow, as well as inventor and part of the student council.

Picture of Molly:


Where the characters that have died go, as well as notes of their adventure as well as comments about them from their creator[/color]

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