Nightrow Monster Academy

For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 The Cardmaster Alyson

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Name: Alyson Romann
Age: 14
Scholarship: Middle school
Gender: female
Nationality: American


Eye color: blue
Hair color/style: short, green/blue
Top half: Black vest with long sleeved striped blouse (as seen in picture)
Lower half: belt and skirt. Knee-high black stockings with white lace at the top and short black boots.
Accessories: Right ear: dangle ruby earing, two studs on top of ear.
Left ear: two silver stud earings ar top of ear.
Neck: black choker





Uncle Thomas: A kind man that runs a shop in town. He is Alyson's biological uncle on her father's side and is taking care of her while her parents are being tracked down and located. He sent Alyson to Nightrow hoping she'd make friends.

Darla Romann: Alyson's mother and fugitive. Her and her husband are wanted criminals.

Max Romann: Alyson's father and wanted criminal. Him and his wife are on the run from the law. They left their daughter behind so she wouldn't get tangled up in their mess (too late.)

Character pros: Alyson is often calm, collected, and calculating. She (usually) thinks before she speaks and isn't afraid to state her opinion when asked. Although she generally doesn't like other people, she's able to tell friend and foe and will put her life on the line to protect her comrades. Alyson is very good at handling weapons, treating wounds, and because of her size, is rather flexible. She is able to stay calm in the most dire situations (she actually finds them rather fun).

Character flaws: Alyson isn't a very pleasant person at times and is usually very sadistic. She generally doesn't like people to much and and pushes them away, believing them to just get into her way. She doesn't usually show many emotions other than confident, smug, dark, poker or angry. She's a rather mysterious person and often speaks in riddles to amuse herself and drive others crazy.

History: Alyson isn't quite sure herself about the origins of her birth, but one thing she does know is that her parents were already fugitives. As a young child, Alyson would constantly move from place to place, never being able to keep friends or knowing why they were moving. It's because of this Alyson doesn't see the point in having friends and it makes her a bit restless to stay in one place for too long. Despite eventually catching on to the reason her parents were moving around so much, she still loved them and did everything she could to protect them. However, about six months ago Alyson woke up and her parents were gone. No note was left and no hint of where they were going could be found. Alyson was then (temporarily) adopted by her uncle until her parents could be found and a permanent home set. Her uncle found this "permanent" home when he discovered Nightrow Academy. He sent Alyson there hoping she could live a normal life and make new friends.

Likes: Books, cards, hunting monsters, a good challenge, magic tricks
Dislikes: whiny girls, loosing, people getting in her way, criminals

Extra Information: Alyson has a strange tattoo around her left eye (as seen in picture). Though where it came from and how to got there are unknown. Alyson claims to have gotten the mark when she was very young.

Hunter: Yes

Extra activities: Reading Club and Magic Club

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The Cardmaster Alyson
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