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For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 [NPC] Creselia Lisha Ricolo

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PostSubject: [NPC] Creselia Lisha Ricolo   [NPC] Creselia Lisha Ricolo I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 24, 2011 4:38 pm

This is an NPC, and is a guide to Nightrow. Because she was a former character and roomate to Kiki, she will remain roommates but not as a character.

Information: "Monsters will eat us alive" crap

Name: Creselia Lisha[Lee-sha] Ricolo
Age: Eleven
Scholarship: Elementary school
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese, Canadian, Morrocan(Random)


Eye color: Aqua and bright
Hair color/style: Original hair color is brown but she dyed it white
Top half: A dress shirt with a black vest
Lower half: Small white shorts with a black dress layered ontop
Accessories: A bowtie and a key shaped necklace, as well as a headband


Jane Weinstein - A mother who couldn't afford her young baby. After her husband died, she had no money to care for even herself so she left Creselia, or as she called her Lisha, and abandon her on a doorstep. It's unknown if Creselia has seen or heard from her mother from this day, but Creselia seems to have suspicious eyes on her.

Riley Weinstein - A deceased father. Nothing is known about him.

James Ricolo - A young man at the age of fifteen when he found Creselia on his doorstep. Living alone, he raised her. The note on the door had said her name was Lisha, though he renamed her to Creselia which suits her more. He's classy and kept Creselia strong and healthy. He's now twenty six and has a young appearance.

Character pros: Loyal, keen, strong, smart
Character flaws: Quiet, suspicious, untrusting, rash, bashfull
History: Lisha was born under high expectations of her mother and father, a young and rich couple that held a baby before marriage. She grew to the age of only three months and her parents got married, as well as held some problems. Her father, Riley, was sued several times. He lost all of the family's money, and died by murder.

Her mother now was hopeless and not able to support herself or her daughter so she decided a grave decision to abandon Lisha.

Fortunatley, Lisha was found by a young, runaway man who took her in with loving arms. More known as brother then father, James has opened up a world of opportunity, unlike Jane would have been able to do.

When she turned the age of four, she went shopping with James for groceries at the outside market. Creselia saw a butterfly... But didn't chase it. Oh, there's a squirel... Nope... Oh, oone of the peaches fell out of the basket and is rolling away... No, James got it.

She then saw a girl her age with her older brother. She wandered away and started talking to the girl, both becoming instantly close.

Good things weren't ment to happen to Creselia. Days later, the young girl and her brother were murdered, Creselia found near them when the cops found the corpses. There were no tears in her face, no fear. Only a dagger in her hand covered in blood. There were no other fib=ngerprints than her's on the crime scene.

No one knows if she killed the two, but because of that, people heard about Creselia's past. Not only do they think she killed the two, they think she might have made contact with her mother and killed her as well.

James is trying his best to solve the problem because he knows Creselia is too innocent to kill a human being. She is tainted in black though, which is something that James can't see.

(No, she didn't kill them but watched them die. The murderer gave Creselia the knife and said "if you calll the cops, cry, whine, or anything, I'll come back for you." She became too scared to react and froze. She now sees things in blood, cries herself to sleep, and hears mutual crying wherever she goes.)

Likes: Pudding, James(Family wise), death, blood, red, sugar, RAINBOWS
Dislikes: Vegetables, music, crying
Extra Information: SHE'S A POKEMON! Because of her world of death, she learned swordsmanship and became a hunter in the school.

Hunter: Yes

The girl and her brother.

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[NPC] Creselia Lisha Ricolo
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