Nightrow Monster Academy

For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 Harmony Darling

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Name: Harmony Darling
Age: Eighteen
Scholarship: College
Gender: Female
Nationality: Parisian


Eye color: A simple and gentle shade of emerald green
Hair color/style: Harmony's hair goes down to her hips, being black with a long blond streak on the right side, bangs longer then they should be
Top half: (Not in picture and the outfit Cecilia wears in Goldrow) A short black vest over a white t-shirt
Lower half: Blue jeans with a plaid skirt overtop
Accessories: A red tie with her family crest on the bottom, as well as a locket hanging from her neck and tied into the knot of her tie(Like I do every day, I wear a tie every day and my Kingdom Hearts necklace)


Kim Darling - Mother -
Cory Darling - Father -
Jacob Darling - Older brother -
Emma Darling - Older sister -
Jean-Luke Darling - Triplet brother -
Carrie Darling - Triplet sister -
Kyle Darling - Younger brother-
Megan Darling - Younger sister
Lily Darling - Younger sister -
Cindi Darling - Younger sister -

Character pros: Kind, bright, calm, fast thinker
Character flaws: Shy, untrusting, clumsy, achluophobia(Fear of darkness), philophobia(Fear of falling or being in love)
History: Growing up in a large family, she was brought up in higher expectations then her other brothers and sisters, being forced to grow up at a young age.

Harmony always cared for her siblings to the point where it made her sick watching them, making sure they were healthy and at school, being fed and washed. She was sickly for long periods of time in the hospital, and when she came home, was forced to study guitar, piano, violin, and vocals violently.

With such talents, she was kidnapped as a thirteen year old and changed drastically when found and brought back to her family, becoming scared and hesitant.

With her mother expecting three more children, she was kicked out of her home because of her unperfect state from before and moved to Nightrow.

Likes: Music, culture, studies, math
Dislikes: Darkness, love, quiet places, sharp objects
Extra Information: "Get a life."
(She's TOTALLY in love with Brian Thorne but because she's afraid of falling in love, she's afraid of herself... But she does love him.)

Harmony feels as if she can't trust ANYONE so she speaks French to anyone that crosses her that she doesn't like(I will translate though).


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Harmony Darling
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