Nightrow Monster Academy

For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 Derek Carther

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Name: Derek Carther
Age: Eighteen
Scholarship: Highschool
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian


Eye color: One is blue(right), the other is green(left). Derek has a sight problem in his left eye, so he wears a single contact lense that is coloured blue.
Hair color/style: Blonde, somewhat long hair. It's long enough to go in a ponytail, which he prefers/
Top half: He wears a blue dress shirt with a popped collar and a brown vest over top.
Lower half: Normal denim jeans. For shoes, he wears zebra stripe converse with red laces.
Accessories: He wears a gold watch with roman numerals, as well as


Damian Carther: A cold, but responsible father. Damian always looked down at Derek as not his son, but as a "vessel" for the Carther name. They never got along.

Iris Carther: Derek's deceased birth mother. She was loving towards Derek but strict about his grades.

Janis Kingston: Derek’s step mother. He doesn’t know much about her because he avoids her.

Cecilianne Patricia Janet Kara Lionna Lillian Jennifer Cheyenne Mira Felicity Kingston: Derek’s step sister. He’s very overprotective of her and looks to her as his blood sister instead of step sister.

Character pros: Loyal, brave, loving, playful
Character flaws: Overprotective, stubborn, picky, sometimes jerkish, overemotional
History: Derek grew up always in the mood to play. He was always popular and loved by his fellow classmates, as well as relatives. When his mother died, he strived to be more then he was to fill the gap.

When his father got remarried when he was only a child, Derek had to take care of himself and his now younger sister. His parents "didn't have the time for them" so Derek raised himself and his sister to be normal children.

Because of the wealth, his parents have been searching for a wife for him. He refuses to get married but his parents haven't stopped searching.

Likes: Sports, friends, books
Dislikes: Jerks, mysteries, helplessness(Towards himself), pointless work, math
Extra Information:
I tweaked him... |D

Hunter: Yes

Monsters will eat us alive!

Activities/Extra classes:
Student council - Student body president
Extra help - Helper
Basket ball team - Player nine

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Derek Carther
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