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For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 Places and maps

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Council room - The room for meetings in the student council and student council president, you are able to recharge your watch there once every month.

Classrooms - Classrooms are everywhere, and are for classes and after school activities.

Cafeteria - The lunch room, as well as socialisation quarters.

Gym - The gym is for athletic classes, as well as training for hunting.

Dorms - The places where everyone sleeps. Each character has a roommate or two, and they are decided by me. Dorms cannot hold two genders at once.

Hallways - Where each character’s lockers are, as well as where everyone socialises if not in the cafeteria.

Library - Computers, and book sign outs are here. It is a quiet place for strategising plans.

Outdoor simulators - There are many places like this which were made for rainy days. They’re virtual places that, when you enter, are like an outdoor scenery.

Pools - With locker rooms of course. These are just ordinary big pools for excersize and fun.

Laboratories - Places for tech(Woodshop), chemistry, and computers.

Clinics - Where your character can order medicine or be seen by a doctor because of sickness or injury.


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Places and maps
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