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For an elite academy, things aren't so bad. You live away from your parents, can do whatever you want, you can even live the thrill of being a monster hunter! It's perfect. What happens though when the monsters take over?
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 -Nora's Journal-

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PostSubject: -Nora's Journal-   -Nora's Journal- I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 29, 2011 6:24 pm

Here lies a small green notebook hidden deeply in Nora's drawers. Very neat handwriting and of course holding her secrets.

December 26th, 2011
6:38 pm

Dear Diary,

Well, I recently received this from my cousin Melody. French journals are actually pretty. Well she is in France, so it makes sense. She gave me tons of presents as well. In the clinic, due to me almost dying and lived. I'll explain later.

List of Presents I got:
*Journal - From Melody
*Clothes (That are actually pretty cute...shut up, I can like this kind of stuff too)- From Melody
*Pictures of Paris and other cities in France. (Seriously, I need to go there. I was born there!) - From Melody
*Fiction Books (Varying genres...I'm going to be satisfied in the clinic)- From Mum and Dad
*Cash (....$50 dollars, really? My grandparents must hate me...Well they do live in France, must be hard getting American bills there.)- From Grandparents
*Postcard-from England (Woah! I have more cousins in England? That's so awesome!)

(Postcard pasted on Journal page)

Dear Nora,

Hello, this is your cousin, Jeremiah. I appear to be on your mother's side of the family. I always thought the French were some weird people, please pardon my rudeness. You seem...unique. My Aunt, which is your mum, talks a lot about you. Being upset about being in an arranged marriage and all. Tough isn't it?

Which country are you in right now anyway? My mum just took care of the postal information. Some part of me says Canada or America. I didn't google where Nightrow is. You are locked in that school, aren't you?

Well anyway, you have a lot more family here and tons of family in France. Nice, isn't it? I sent a picture of us and put our names above us. If you ever meet us, just beware Morgan is really...out of it...

Well, I have limited space on this card. I'll keep writing to you if you write to me. Cheers.


Jeremiah Roberts

P.S.- I almost forgot, Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What a nice kid...except for the french part. Meh, whatever. I'm actually exciting about writing back. So many cousins that I didn't know...I'm still shocked!He has the neatest handwriting as well! My god, the picture! All of them look great and elegant. Jeremiah with tossled brunette hair, I couldn't quite make out the eye color. I'm guessing hazel. There were also a ton as well.

So I spent my Christmas in the clinic. It's better than being dead. Plus, what's taking so long for getting my dinner? I'm starving! I really hate the nurses here.

I couldn't help but keep staring at the pictures melody sent. She looks different, slightly longer hair and made a lot of new friends. I'm proud for her, really. She said she'll talk to me soon from via video chat. Speaking of which, I do have my laptop so I can catch up on schoolwork and just e-mail it to my teachers.

Math on the awesome. Way better than doing it by hand. Just sayin'

Well looks like I'm getting a visitor, I'll write soon. As soon as I get my dinner as well.


Nora Thorne

-Nora's Journal- Coj6v
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Posts : 132
Join date : 2011-08-20
Age : 22
Location : Alfred F. Jones

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PostSubject: Re: -Nora's Journal-   -Nora's Journal- I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 11:30 pm

March 12th, 2012

As much I would love to say why I was gone for so long, my hand hurts.I had to make up so many tests, homework, and projects and it turns out my partner for all the projects was Derek.'s like the school is actually purposely getting me closer to him.


Anyway, I feel a bit guilty. But I did my end of the work. So, why worry? ...Ugh, i have to make it up to him do I?

Speaking of Derek, we're actually on good terms really good terms.


I'm not going into the tacky stuff.

It's just Does that make sense? Oh right, you're not a living thing. You're just paper. What the hell.


Whatever I'm still writing. It actually helps. Well...FML. I'm going to look back at this and say 'What the hell was I thinking?'

Also, things have been weird. There has been no monster attacks. That's just unusual don't you think? I guess people have been more careful with me almost getting killed and all that crap. The news spread like a wild fire and the next thing i know I have a swarm of people rushing in the clinic giving me small, tiny gifts. I don't even know most of them!

Human nature...I never got that.

I mean...I appreciate the gifts my classmates gave me as well as the strangers. I just feel like I don't deserve it.

Probably because I'm 'Derek's fiancee" and I'm super popular because of it. UGH. WHY MUM AND DAD? WHY? You just had to pair me up with the most popular kid in the whole freaking school and I get this undeserved popularity that I don't even want.

...I mean I love Derek. I really do. It's just...confusing.

As I write this I'm in my dorm room and not in the weird smelling clinic. It's a nice change~ I'm back with my roomate who I barely talk to's kind of sad since she actually seems nice.

My stomach feels all better and I can actually digest food properly now. PRAISE THE LORD. I hated the food the nurses gave me anyway. I also don't have to be in a wheelchair. YES. I felt so weak...oh god.

Well, I'd like to mention more things but a lot of things haven't been really going on. it's just been peaceful.

Unusual but nice.



-Nora's Journal- Coj6v
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-Nora's Journal-
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